How to Write a Great College Application Essay

How to Write a Common Application Essay

Being a student, you definitely know how to write a college paper. You start with a good introduction, write several paragraphs, and finalize your essay with a good conclusion. However, when writing a college application essay, you can totally forget about this structure. Writing an application essay requires much more skills and dedication than writing a simple essay.

Personal Essays

Personal Essay Examples (Or How to Become an Outstanding Essayist)

Before we immerse into the peculiarities of a successful personal essay, let us make sure we are on the same page with a personal essay definition. This literary piece allows students so much freedom in terms of what to write about, that it is difficult to define it or provide universal personal essay examples.

Critical essay writing

Critical Analysis Definition: Tips for Successful College Essays

If you want to succeed in a critical writing task, it all starts with asking yourself, “What is critical analysis and how can I apply it?” To answer this, here is a critical analysis definition – a type of writing that expresses an individual's opinion or an examination of a passage, poem, book or other kinds of writing. It also involves the skills of critical reading and writing.

good college essay

How to Write a Successful College Essay?

Writing essays isn’t that enjoyable or entertaining process for any student who is actively learning. Although it might seem too difficult to complete, college essays that worked are great chances for students to get into college. It’s one of the possibilities for a student to breathe life into his or her application by writing good college essays.

Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and effect essays are the type of writing where causality and relationships between various events and actions are established and explained. Thus, no matter what cause and effect essay topics you are assigned, a common method that is used to structure and organize such an essay is discussing why something happens and what effects or results it has.

group of people

Christian Psychology

All people are created by the God’s will to be different; thus, all have different abilities. Being organized in the society, the humankind has evolved through a process of cultural and religious selection. Being a system of ideas and values, Christianity has spread all over the world and has established a person of certain behavior. Generally, Christian psychology helps people to maintain social stability and leads to inner stability.

Japanese flag

Japanese Politics

The Liberal Democratic Party dominated Japanese national politics for more than five decades. The LDP had been governing the country since the year 1995 with brief interludes. The LDP’s reign came to an end in August 2009, and it has lost its long hold on power. Even if The LDP had previously lost power in the 1993/94 elections, it had the highest number of members in parliament and was able to exercise influence over the then coalition government. The 2009 loss to The Democratic power was, therefore, the most devastating defeat for The LDP party. It not only lost to The Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), but it also lost almost two-thirds of the seats it controlled in the lower house of parliament.

Presidential and Parliamentary Systems

Presidential and Parliamentary Systems

The adoption of either a presidential or parliamentary executive form of government forms a critical and important part of any constitutional design. Over the years, there have been debates on the merits and demerits of either of the systems of government. What is not disputed, however, is the fact that a nation’s type of government generally refers to the organization of the state’s executive, legislative, and judicial organs. The selection of either of the systems of government has been used as an indication of the level of democracy that the said country practices.

Unborn child

Ethics of Abortion

The ethics of abortion relate to the question of whether the deliberate termination of pregnancy prematurely is right or wrong. Different people support either side of the argument, while some have no stand on the issue. Those opposing its morality base their arguments on the value of the child’s life. Those supporting abortion base their arguments on the right of the mother to use her body with discretion and her right to life. Despite the various points of view regarding abortion, it is unethical and immoral.

Turning the World Green

Turning the World Green

Going green refers to the process of implementing crucial lifestyle changes tailored at helping individuals live in a more eco-friendly manner. It entails individuals becoming environmentally aware hence changing their overall behavior and lifestyle, which helps reduce the overall amount of waste and pollution released to the environment. The process of going green calls for the understanding of green products and their subsequent use in the process of averting environmental pollution.