Culture characterizes a particular group of individuals, and it is defined by such aspects as arts, cuisine, music, social habits, and religion. Nowadays, in America as well as in other nation states largely populated by migrants, culture is affected by the peculiarities of numerous groups of people. Fundamentally, cultures are constantly changing. They are internally influenced by forces that resist and encourage changes.

Young father

Perceptions of Young Fathers Regarding Fatherhood

Young fathers are often at risk of fewer employment opportunities, lower educational achievement and low socio-economic status. In addition, young fathers face a number of emotional and psychological difficulties. The proposed study will seek to investigate the attitudes, beliefs and needs of prospective young fathers with respect to fatherly roles.

human resourse

Human Resource

Human resources are the main engine and the source of strength of the economic system. Personnel management includes the careful and gradual work with professionals or employees of the organization, and then, people management by combining the communication between the control and co-workers. In this wide sphere it is extremely difficult to manage human resources and the work scope.


History Paper

Prague is known for its cosmopolitan nature. It was occupied by the Jews, Germans, and Czechs. In 1939, Germany took over the city and subjected it to the Nazi rules. It was the time when Jews were eliminated from the city. Most of the Jews were killed during the holocaust, while others fled away from the city.